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The TeraStack® Solution is a compact, energy efficient, enterprise application server providing multi-tiered data storage designed and manufactured to improve performance through affordable and reliable data storage management. Current business continuity policies often demand critical data backup and archiving due to the importance of data retention and disaster recovery. The TeraStack® Solution is an Active Archive that provides safe, secure, and easily accessible data online, nearline, and offline. It provides up to 164TB of online enterprise class application hosting and nearline data storage, scalable to petabytes, and unlimited offline data optical storage. The system consumes a nominal power draw of less than 425 watts. Hie Electronics provides customers with innovative optical data storage and digital asset management protection solutions to meet their needs, reliably and affordably.

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Optical Data Storage...

... provides long-term data backup archiving and digital asset management essential to any large business or governmental agency. The TeraStack® Solution from Hie Electronics supplies a "green" storage solution that can cut energy consumption by up to 70% and total cost of ownership by up to 90%. The digital asset management provided by the system offers critical data backup for emails and vital documents. The data backup archiving uses Blu-ray discs to protect sensitive files online, nearline, offline, and/or offsite. The TeraStack® Solution provides users with energy efficient digital asset management with a passive shelf-life of 50 to 100 years.

Data Backup Archiving...

... and digital asset management utilized by the TeraStack® Solution are controlled by a user-friendly Java middleware interface. The application server platform within the robust optical data storage unit allows it to easily provide document management, critical backup, medical records retention, video surveillance, and more. The TeraStack® Solution operates under most commercial applications and provides a scalable, non-volatile storage backbone utilizing cataloged TeraStacks. The TeraStacks can be used to store large amounts of data online, nearline, offline, and/or offsite.


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